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Health & Human Performance: Journals

Full -Text Journals

A listing by topic of the Full-Text journals available in Fintel Library's collections.

 Recreation. Leisure (~263)
Spacer Image Circuses, spectacles, etc. (1)
Spacer Image Dancing (~8)
Spacer Image Games and amusements (~32)
Spacer Image Outdoor life. Outdoor recreation (~4)
Spacer Image Physical education and training (~14)
Spacer Image Recreation leadership. Administration of recreation services (~3)
Spacer Image Recreational areas and facilities. Recreation centers (~5)
Spacer Image Sports (~88)


 Medicine (~3,248)
Spacer Image Dentistry (~7)
Spacer Image Oral and dental medicine. Pathology. Diseases (1)
Spacer Image Dermatology (~30)
Spacer Image Care and hygiene (1)
Spacer Image Diseases of the glands, hair, nails (1)
Spacer Image Gynecology and obstetrics (~58)
Spacer Image Conception. Artificial insemination. Contraception (~3)
Spacer Image Functional and systemic disorders. Endocrine gynecology (~2)
Spacer Image Obstetrics (~2)
Spacer Image Operative gynecology (1)
Spacer Image Homeopathy (~8)
Spacer Image Materia medica and therapeutics (1)
Spacer Image Internal medicine (~955)
Spacer Image Disease due to physical and chemical agents (~2)
Spacer Image Examination. Diagnosis (~5)
Spacer Image Infectious and parasitic diseases (~24)
Spacer Image Medical emergencies. Critical care. Intensive care. First aid (~10)
Spacer Image Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology (~93)
Spacer Image Neurosciences. Biological psychiatry. Neuropsychiatry (~191)
Spacer Image Popular medicine (~2)
Spacer Image Psychosomatic medicine (1)
Spacer Image Special situations and conditions (~37)
Spacer Image Specialties of internal medicine (~187)
Spacer Image Tuberculosis (1)
Spacer Image Medicine (General) (~278)
Spacer Image Biomedical engineering. Electronics. Instrumentation (~53)
Spacer Image Computer applications to medicine. Medical informatics (~8)
Spacer Image Directories (1)
Spacer Image General works (~21)
Spacer Image History of medicine. Medical expeditions (~3)
Spacer Image Medical education. Medical schools. Research (~29)
Spacer Image Medical personnel and the public. Physician and the public (~4)
Spacer Image Medical philosophy. Medical ethics (~13)
Spacer Image Medical physics. Medical radiology. Nuclear medicine (~40)
Spacer Image Medical records (1)
Spacer Image Medical technology (~14)
Spacer Image Medicine and disease in relation to psychology. Terminal care. Dying (~9)
Spacer Image Medicine and the humanities. Medicine and disease in relation to history, literature, etc. (1)
Spacer Image Medicine as a profession. Physicians (~12)
Spacer Image Practice of medicine. Medical practice economics (~6)
Spacer Image Nursing (~135)
Spacer Image Specialties in nursing (~2)
Spacer Image Ophthalmology (~38)
Spacer Image Optometry. Opticians. Eyeglasses (~8)
Spacer Image Particular diseases of the eye (1)
Spacer Image Other systems of medicine (~20)
Spacer Image Chiropractic (~4)
Spacer Image Mental healing (~2)
Spacer Image Miscellaneous systems and treatments (~2)
Spacer Image Osteo-magnetics, neuropathy, etc., A-Z (1)
Spacer Image Otorhinolaryngology (~27)
Spacer Image Otology. Diseases of the ear (~8)
Spacer Image Pathology (~59)
Spacer Image Clinical pathology. Laboratory technique (~24)
Spacer Image General works (~5)
Spacer Image Manifestations of disease (~3)
Spacer Image Pathological anatomy and histology (~2)
Spacer Image Theories of disease. Etiology. Pathogenesis (~2)
Spacer Image Pediatrics (~89)
Spacer Image Child health. Child health services (~5)
Spacer Image Diseases of children and adolescents (~25)
Spacer Image Hospital care (1)
Spacer Image Nursing of children. Pediatric nursing (~6)
Spacer Image Nutrition and feeding of children and adolescents (~2)
Spacer Image Pharmacy and materia medica (~158)
Spacer Image Dispensatories (~3)
Spacer Image Materia medica (~28)
Spacer Image Pharmacopoeias (1)
Spacer Image Public aspects of medicine (~446)
Spacer Image Forensic medicine. Medical jurisprudence. Legal medicine (~11)
Spacer Image Medical centers. Hospitals. Dispensaries. Clinics (~42)
Spacer Image Medicine and the state (~33)
Spacer Image Public health. Hygiene. Preventive medicine (~115)
Spacer Image Toxicology. Poisons (~28)
Spacer Image Surgery (~179)
Spacer Image Anesthesiology (~16)
Spacer Image General works (~4)
Spacer Image Operating rooms and theaters. Instruments, apparatus, and appliances (~15)
Spacer Image Orthopedic surgery (~11)
Spacer Image Plastic surgery. Reparative surgery (~7)
Spacer Image Prosthesis. Artificial organs (~3)
Spacer Image Surgery by region, system, or organ (1)
Spacer Image Surgery in childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, old age (~2)
Spacer Image Surgical nursing (1)
Spacer Image Transplantation of organs, tissues, etc. (~3)
Spacer Image Therapeutics. Pharmacology (~471)
Spacer Image Administration of drugs and other therapeutic agents (~3)
Spacer Image Antibiotic therapy. Antibiotics (~2)
Spacer Image Diet therapy. Dietary cookbooks (~7)
Spacer Image Drug prescribing (1)
Spacer Image Drugs and their actions (~10)
Spacer Image Endocrinotherapy. Organotherapy (1)
Spacer Image Immunotherapy. Serotherapy (~4)
Spacer Image Other therapeutic procedures (~3)
Spacer Image Physical medicine. Physical therapy (~7)
Spacer Image Rehabilitation technology (1)
Spacer Image Rehabilitation therapy (~4)