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Fintel Library Renovation: All about Fintel Library

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Fintel Library Renovation

A renovation of Fintel Library's Main Floor was undertaken during the summer of 2014. Our goal was to change the floor from being collection oriented to being engagement oriented.

New elements included an expanded Cafe, a Collaboration Zone, a Focused Study Zone, and an Information Commons. Conceptual drawings are show below. The images highlight some of the major concepts implemented.

Out with the old? Well, not quite:

  • Journals/Perioidicals- Circulating titles will remain on the Main Floor. Non-circulating Current Periodicals have already moved into the Microforms area on the Ground Floor.
  • Media Collection- Temporarily, this will be located on the Ground Floor near the Archives. After we install new flooring then the Media Collection will return to a new location on the Main Floor betwen the Central Stairwell and Restrooms. 
  • Reference Collection- We will create a smaller reference area on the Main Floor with our most frequently used titles. The majority of the collection will move to the Ground Floor between the Central Stairwell and Elevators. In addition, some selected titles will move to the circulating General Collection.

The Fintel Library staff looks forward to welcoming you to a whole new experience!

Library staff actively worked with BCWH, the project architects, to finalize the design.

The Basics- There will be new carpet and paint, and more natural light with the elimination of several columns around the Central Stairwell.

Cafe 2.0- An upgraded and enhanced cafe with new flooring, expanded seating, video, and a whiteboard wall.

Collaboration Zone- We're adding new flexible seating that you can move into an arrangement that works best for your group. The area can also be used for college-sponsored speakers for small groups.

Information Commons and Focused Study-

The Information Commons will include a custom PC area. There will be more PCs, a laptop counter, a custom print station, and modules for group work. The Focused Study Zone is an area with traditional seating for those who want to study in a livelier setting.  [The Second Floor remains your refuge for Quiet Study.]